One poet’s small voice….

In February, I was named as the first Poet Laureate of my little Connecticut town. And wow….it’s been like a word bath! This is a two year gig and I’m learning so much. There are about thirty towns in my state with Poets Laureate (notice that you’re not supposed to say Poet Laureates, but rather Poets Laureate! – that’s just one of the things I’ve learned!). And there’s a Coalition of Laureates. (it’s okay to use the plural here because you’re using laureate as a noun, and not an adjective!)

Who knew?

Right now, one of my goals is to enjoy the hoopla of National Poetry Month.

In addition to live readings, I’ve recorded a poem to be shared on the website of the Gyroscope Review Listen every day during April for some great poetry. One of my poems will be featured on April 21st.

Hamilton Stone Review just published my little poem “Big Girls’ Bunk”. You can read it here. The Hamilton Stone Review #46  Maybe it will resonate with some of you if you’ve ever been skipped a grade, or been assigned to the wrong group at camp.

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Gabriella Brand

Gabriella Brand is a writer, adventurer, and educational consultant. She can't stop teaching and learning foreign languages. She would like to walk on all the continents (three more to go!). Her husband is extremely patient and her children are, fortunately, all grown up.

One thought on “One poet’s small voice….”

  1. Aw, what a good poem. Besides conjuring the little girl who wants to be a big girl–and the indifference of those who have arrived–I am reminded of my own ‘knitting Nancy,’ who was a sober white and red, her limbs tucked obediently into place, who had black hair, and with which I produced my own soft rope.


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