Gabriella Brand

Writer, poet, teacher, linguist, pilgrim.

I write for the same reason artists paint or musicians make music…. to celebrate and mourn. To glorify trees, and stones, and creatures. To puzzle over people. To share modest visions. To uplift and tickle.

I write mostly for personal satisfaction, but I am happy every time my work has been selected for publication and shared. I have forged relationships with several editors, which is immensely satisfying, and I have been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

I am a teacher – I have taught languages, literature, and writing. I get great pleasure from my students,whether they have been middle school students, university students, or adults. But whenever I have time and money, I travel. I am lucky enough to speak several languages and to have made good friends on several continents. I like to go on spiritual treks, walking over long distances and taking life as it comes. I have written about some of these experiences.

During this time when the planet is suffering with COVID-19, I am limiting my adventures to the little slice of Connecticut where I have lived for many years. I have a loving family and I enjoy puttering in kitchen and garden.

But everyday I travel in my mind.

Thank you for reading this site.