I could kiss this editor!


Mike Keenan, writing in “What Travel Writers Say” mentioned my story “Shortcut” which appears in the travel anthology,Chance Encounters, published by GoTravel Press. I just stumbled across his critique today. I think compliments are like cookies, not necessary, but such sweet fuel for the writer!

Mike wrote:

“For me, Gabriella Brand’s wonderful piece “The Shortcut-Japan”, concerning an American woman….trekking around the island of Shikoku, following the 1200 km pilgrimage trail known as the 88 Temples, was worth the price of admission. Brand meets a husband and wife who help her in her quest, the husband suggesting to her, “Travel is a way to exercise the body and feed the soul, no?”

This is a glitch….there ain’t nothin here. Sorry!


One thought on “I could kiss this editor!

  1. Gabriella, I should say so……..you receive such wonderful reviews……BIG WHOOOOOORAHHHHHH!!!!! All the very best,Patti 


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