A short-short is a brief short story, usually under 500 words. An ultra short is even shorter. The Binnacle, a great publication, coming out of the University of Maine, ran an Ultra Short competition in 2014. My piece “Empty Forks” was included among the honorable mentions. That was cool! Yeah!


Empty Forks

Vanessa was seated at the dinner table pretending to lift Beef Stroganoff to her mouth. When she was little, Vanessa had loved her daddy’s signature dish. She used to call it beef strong enough. Sometimes she would take three helpings.

Now she was twenty, freshly released from the Whitson Institute For Eating Disorders.

Her parents just called it Whitson, of course.

The skin on Vanessa’s arms was pleated, like a window shade.

“More bread, anyone?” her mother asked.

At 88 pounds, the girl still felt like a blimp, but no one noticed. Not even the psychiatrist.

“Best in his field,” her father had said.

Vanessa moved the noodles around on her plate like specimens on a Petri dish.

Her father, an engineer, rattled on about bridges. Her mother, an artist, announced an exhibit. Her brothers sopped up gravy and grunted.

Vanessa continued to raise her empty fork, tasting the air.

Published by

Gabriella Brand

Gabriella Brand is a writer, adventurer, and educational consultant. She can't stop teaching and learning foreign languages. She would like to walk on all the continents (three more to go!). Her husband is extremely patient and her children are, fortunately, all grown up.

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