New Works…continued

Poetry Box published an anthology of love poems in December 2017. My poem Only Half of It was included.



Only Half of It

Douglas shops at the Big and Tall Store, trying on belts the size of small alligators.

There’s a lot of me to love, he says, bashfully, when I first see him in a bathing suit.

By then, I already suspected about his heart. Extra, Extra Large, just like his swimming trunks.

When he moved in with me, Douglas knocked on the doors of the neighbors. The ones I can’t be bothered with. He quickly drew out the recluse on the corner, and the crazy plant lady.

They’re people, aren’t they? he asked.

His goodwill, like his appetite, knows no curb.

Of course we’ll drive up to Portland and see your friend. She’s frightened and alone in a hospital bed. How could we not go?

I look at this full blessing of a man and I wonder….who else has such wide chambers of affection? The Buddha, heavy-bellied and wise? Santa Claus in his red suit?

Surely none of the scrawny prophets, all rib cage and hair shirt.

There’s a lot of me to love, he says, with a sheepish grin.

But that’s only half of it.